The richness of Triestine literature stems from its history, its changes of nationality and its being a trade port. Its writers were clerks, traders, teachers and diplomats who arrived here from abroad or were born into one of the town’s several communities. They gave life to a unique multicultural and plurilingual literature.

“Hohò TriesteThe City of Sì and Da and Ja”

Carolus Cergoly

Trieste has seen masterpieces written in German (Theodor Däubler, Rainer Maria Rilke), English (James Joyce, Richard Francis Burton), Slovenian (Srečko Kosovel, Vladimir Bartol), Serbo-Croatian (Ivo Andrić), French (Stendhal, Paul Morand), Italian (Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba, Scipio Slataper, Fulvio Tomizza) and Triestine dialect (Virgilio Giotti, Carolus Cergoly). Modern-day Trieste is the birthplace or homeland of choice for authors who have written and been translated into several languages: Boris Pahor, Claudio Magris, Veit Heinichen, Giorgio Pressburger (recently deceased), Mauro Covacich, Susanna Tamaro, Juan Octavio Prenz, Laila Wadia. Based solely on their names, would you be able to tell which language they write in?