Trieste is a candidate to become a UNESCO Creative City for literature. The competing cities are many and all qualified, all fierce. The challenge is ambitious. LET’S do it! Let’s do it. Let’s start with the foundations, from the most beautiful verses dedicated to Trieste, from its most famous poet. Poetry is on our side, and it is already a good sign.

I crossed the whole city,
then climbed a slope,
crowded at first, deserted higher up,
closed off by a low wall,
a niche where I can sit alone,
and it seems to me that where the slope ends
the city also ends.,

Trieste has a surly
grace. If you like it,
it’s like a tough and greedy kid
with blue eyes and hands too big
for offering a flower,
like jealousy in love.
From this height I can see every church, every street,
whether it leads to the cluttered beach
or to the hill on which a house, the last,
clings to the stony crest.
everything there flows
a strange air, a troubling air,
the air of home.

My city, in all its parts alive,
keeps this quiet spot for me, for my life
brooding and solitary.

Umberto Saba, “Trieste”
da Trieste and a woman, 1910/12