Trieste has witnessed a rapid rise in both domestic and foreign tourism. The reason probably lies in the town’s unique history, its ethnic and linguistic variety, its authentic way of life which is still unblemished by mass tourism, a rich cultural – and especially literary – agenda.

“Trieste has a surly grace”

Umberto Saba

Several steps have been taken to promote this, from Svevo, Joyce and Saba maps (but not only), life-size statues of the aforementioned authors dotting the town’s streets, literary museums named after Svevo, Joyce, Petrarca and Piccolomini, and a vast number of publications. Positive feedback regarding these initiatives will pave the way for future projects that include a new Literature Museum of Trieste, envisaged as a hub of knowledge, research and creativity. Further initiatives regard a series of new cultural itineraries with dedicated information boards, leaflets, apps and a website providing information on a literary itinerary.