While the candidacy of Trieste to UNESCO is going towards the key moment – the proclamation of the new cities that will enter the Creative Cities Network in early November – the city of literature works on its future.
Soon, after the delivery of the Biserini building site, work will begin in Piazza Hortis for the construction of the new Literary Museum. The LETS museum will be many things: it will be the first public space in which the different cultural and linguistic souls of Trieste will meet together in the name of literature; it will be a place where visitors from outside meet the history of the city in the words of its writers and learn to know it in all its complexity; it will be the place where, next to the history of Svevo, of Joyce and of Saba, we’ll gain knowlege about the dozens and dozens of great authors who were their traveling companions; it will be a place for meeting, planning and carrying out the activities of the literary city; it will be the collector of several other projects for the enhancement of literary creativity: a publishing house, a hub for Digital Humanities, projects for the promotion of reading and the fight against educational poverty, initiatives dedicated to children’s literature…

Finally, it will be many other things, all those that active citizenship will be able to achieve within it. For this reason, as part of the “Mosaic of Cultures 2019” exhibition, the Municipality of Trieste organizes a meeting open to the public in which all the people interested in this topic can ask questions and make proposals.

The meeting will be held on Friday, October 25th , at 5.30 pm, in the Bobi Bazlen Hall of Palazzo Gopcevich.
The councilor for culture Giorgio Rossi, the councilor for economic activities Serena Tonel, the director of the Museums and Libraries Service Laura Carlini Fanfogna and the LETS team, Riccardo Cepach, Cristina Fenu and Mavis Toffoletto will begin to reflect on what is intended to be the starting point of a collective planning.
Come and write the new page of the great book of Literature in Trieste!