Trieste has been an important center for children’s book publishing since 1849 when Lloyd Austriaco, one of the most important insurance companies, opened an Arts and Literature Section, which was a rare and enlightened example in the then world of printing and publishing. This led to the creation of the first series dedicated to quality children’s literature. Thanks to this initiative, Editoriale Libraria was founded in 1922, and it specialized in the publication of splendid liberty e biedermeier picture books and Mastro Remo, a children’s magazine. In the 1970s, the baton was passed to Edizioni EL, Einaudi Ragazzi, Emme Edizioni, Editoriale Scienza and later included Bohem Press Italia

“There is no such thing as children’s literature,There is just literature”

François Ruy-Vidal

True to François Ruy-Vidal’s motto – there is no such thing as children’s literature, just as there are no colors just for children or drawings just for children; there are just drawings and colors and literature, with no tags – this group of publishers continues to work in a town in which young readers are at the heart of projects that aim to overcome educational poverty. The network of school libraries and Nati per leggere (Born to Read) whose national headquarters are based in Trieste are two examples of this.