Barcolana, the record-breaking regatta and the largest sailing race in the world now has a special literature section and a new Literary Festival called “Barcolana – un mare di racconti” (Barcolana – A Sea of Stories). A voyage of books, music, films and talks, a five-day journey across land and sea, this event – organized by the Castle of San Giusto and sponsored by Fondazione CRTrieste and the Municipality of Trieste – starts on Wednesday, 2nd October at 8 p.m. at the Castle of San Giusto and ends on Sunday, 6th October.
“Barcolana un mare di racconti” (Barcolana, A Sea of Stories) takes its name from a book by Mitja Gialuz and Alessandro Mezzena Lona (Giunti editore), which won the Premio Speciale Marincovich (Marincovich Special Prize) 2019. The Festival invites key cultural players to explore the seas and other horizons in over 30 events.
The opening events are a screening of Pupi Avati’s film “Il Signor Diavolo” and Catherine Poulain’s talk on her book “Il grande marinaio” (Neri Pozza).
Guests at this year’s Festival include the following authors:

  • Stefania Auci, (Leoni di Sicilia, Nord);
  • Dutch writer Jan Brokken (Jungle Rudy, Iperborea);
  • Romana Petri (Pranzi di famiglia, Neri Pozza).
  • Stefano Mancuso, will hold a keynote speech on “La nazione delle piante”,
  • Premio Strega (Strega Prize) winner Giovani Marco Missiroli will present his book Fedeltà (Einaudi) and talk about Gianni Rodari.
  • Bronja Zakelj (Il bianco si lava a novanta, Bottega Errante);
  • Premio Campiello (Campiello Prize) recipient Giulio Cavalli (Carnaio, Fandango Libri); Chiara Rapaccini (Rossa, La nave di Teseo).
  • A young audience will be pleased to learn that the author list also includes Andrea Maggi, (Guerra ai prof, Feltrinelli) and Enrico Galiano (Eppure cadiamo felici and Più forte di ogni addio, Garzanti).

Mr Gialuz, President of Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano yacht club said: “Barcolana – Un mare di racconti” is a spin-off of Barcolana, with an eye on the future and in synergy with the new literary impetus of Trieste. We are grateful to Fondazione CRTrieste and the Municipality of Trieste for their support in this new undertaking which I cannot hesitate to describe as a multi-hued event. Journeys, seas, tales, art, stories, people – the Festival will talk of maritime culture to one and all, with the very same spirit as Barcolana, one of simplicity and widespread public participation.”
Artistic Director of the Festival, Mr. Mezzena Lona, said: “Setting up a Festival with so many famous names in such a short time would not have been possible without a precious ally: the town of Trieste. All the authors invited – both Italian and European – jumped at the idea of taking part. As Dutch author Jan Brokken said in an email: it was clear to all the invitees that they were being given the opportunity about their books and films in a city that has hosted some of the most prominent writers of the 20th century.”